Sunday, March 6

Apple - Win 7 Themes.

Install Guide:
Extract "Themepack.rar" to found themepack installer. This tutorial you can use as a guide how to install and customize display your windows 7 theme. In order to look more beautiful by using the existing vitur on windows 7. Install a theme on windows 7 is very easy and you can do it yourself. If you already have the installer file (themepack) for Windows 7, you can simply install it by double click on the file themepack then you will see a pop-up windows that display the theme file that you installed earlier. And this shows you that the theme files had been successfully installed. Customize the appearance of the themes that have been installed earlier by adding color settings, sounds and screensaver. To remember, when you add a screensaver on theme, a new theme will appear under the name "Unsaved Themes". Right-click on the display theme that has been customized. Give the name of the theme. Click save and done.

Enjoy this great and free Windows 7 themes. Found and download the other nice and cool Windows 7 themes only on this blog site.


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Basically, Microsoft does not allow third party themes to be installed. But we can work around this by using third-party software to third-party themes can be installed. Is the "Universal Theme Patcher" is a tool that we can use third-party themes can be installed on your Windows operating system. Download this tool from here!

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